For Argument's Sake

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Lance Spencer

Wesley Porter



Lance’s areas of interests are Philosophy, Theology and Science. He has a degree in Quantitative Reasoning and is currently our editor-in-chief here at “For Argument's Sake”.

Jordan McManus


Jordan’s areas of expertise are Theology, Medical Science, Philosophy and Culture. He has a degree in the Natural Sciences and is currently an editor and contributor at “For Argument’s Sake”

Christoper Cain


Chris is interested in the relationship between Physics and Theology, and is particularly passionate about astronomy. His focus here at “For Argument’s Sake” is recent developments in the fields of physics and astrophysics. He recently graduated with degrees in physics and mathematics.


Passionate about Physics and Theology, Wesley is pursuing his degree in Physics. Hoping to help others enjoy and explore our universes' amazing insights he is currently the producer here at "For Argument's Sake".

Joshua McManus

Graphic Artist/Contributor

Joshua is a Veteran of the U.S. Navy, he has a background in medicine, graphic arts, and web design. His interests are Technology, and Theology and anything involving Media. He is currently working hard here at “For Argument's Sake” making our website functional and looking polished.